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June 2011

Can There Be Too Much Of A Good Thing?

As I move around the country interviewing restaurant operators, there are a lot of eye-opening, jaw-dropping exchanges. To be clear, it is my eyes, my jaw that drop. It makes me want to steal the tagline of the 1948 film, “The Naked City”: “There are 8 million stories in the naked city; this has been one of them.

McCormick & Schmick’s Flounders

For sale: McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants Inc.Is it a surprise? Not really. But the situation isn’t unique to McCormick & Schmick’s—many restaurants have had a hard time keeping their businesses running in the last few years.


III Forks Prime Steakhouse

Selective Staffing at III Forks Steakhouse

Tommy Nevill interviewed 3,000 people for 50 available positions before III Forks Prime Steakhouse opened in Hallandale, Florida, in February 2010 but it was worth the work: 70 percent of employees from opening day are still with the restaurant.


New Jersey Restaurant Association

Educating Association Members Brings Sustainable Changes for a State

The New Jersey Restaurant Association (NJRA) is at the forefront of sustainability. It works closely with its members to educate them and help them find solutions.President Deborah Dowdell has overseen the creation of a Green Task Force and various other initiatives, which she hopes will make New Jersey one of the pioneering states in terms of restaurant sustainability.


Australis Aquaculture

What’s In A Name: Fish You May Not Know

Diners are used to seeing dishes like grilled tuna, poached salmon and pan–roasted Chilean sea bass on menus. But offerings like kaku ceviche, sautéed barramundi and sablefish confit usually send patrons scrambling to their smartphones to do a quick Google search.


Redstone American Grill

Exploring the Properties of Space

One of our long-time restaurant clients, John Sheehan of Doolittles Woodfire Grill and Porter Creek Hardwood Grill, suggested that I address the topic of space. John asked several questions. To answer them adequately will certainly require more than one article.