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June 2012

Misconceptions in Food Safety Can Derail Best Efforts

Similar stories abound from instructors of food manager certification classes. A young woman might raise her hand and ask if it’s really necessary to run raw potatoes through the dishwasher before cooking them, or a young man might question why he can’t refreeze extra ground beef that was accidentally thawed.

Chef, Restaurant Owner Mario Batali's Experiment Spurs TV Debate

It’s not every day that a celebrity chef can be the catalyst for a pissing match between Fox News and MSNBC, but New York-based Mario Batali has managed to be just that.Batali, who together with his family of four recently completed a weeklong challenge to live off food stamps, was recently the subject of a heated debate that took to the airwaves in the midst of the Batalis’ living on meals that cost an average of  $1.

Restaurant Succession Doesn't Have To Be Prickly

Separating business from family is “impossible,” says Jeremy Samatas, owner of family-run The Lucky Monk in South Barrington, Illinois.Samatas inherited, through a succession plan, one-seventh of his grandfather’s business (which included one restaurant, several hotels, retail operations, and some senior care facilities) in 2004.