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March 2013

5 Best Practices for Using the Web to Your Restaurant's Advantage

From food trucks to five-star dining, the Internet has the power to make or break a restaurant. Yet with the hustle and bustle required to run a successful restaurant, the last things on many owners’ minds at the end of the day are their websites and social media pages.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Credit the green movement, the obsession with healthy lifestyles, the desire to optimize social engagement—or all of the above; whatever the reason, restaurants are increasingly designing natural elements into their interior dining spaces.

Technology Turns Tables

Seating a restaurant has changed from being an art to being a science.Restaurant reservation sites like OpenTable—and smaller competitors like RezBook (from UrbanSpoon), CityEats, and—allow operators to seat a dining room according to computer analytics, which optimize seating arrangements, correctly populate tables of all sizes, and calculate table turns.

7 Innovations of Highly Imaginative Restaurants

Long before any foodservice trend goes mainstream, visionary chefs, restaurateurs, and mixologists are crafting unique offerings to entice, energize, and entertain American diners. At the point of inception, foodservice trends often gain traction at fine-dining establishments or in authentic ethnic eateries—environments where convention is more easily challenged and imagination can flourish independent of systemized operations.


Courtesy of Supple Restaurant Group

Build Relationships on the Cloud

Adam Christopher was working as a waiter more than a decade ago when the restaurant’s owners openly wished they could run their own computer-based reservation system.He took it as a challenge.As a side project, Christopher, who advanced into other positions with the business, wrote and tested software codes for a reservation-management program.

taking-control-bar-shrink.jpg / Courtesy of City Hall the Restaurant

Taking Control of Bar Shrink

“Bar shrink,” an industry term for losing revenue on liquid assets due to bad practices—either inadvertent or deliberate—has been a perennial problem for restaurant operators.“The bar business is a cash business.


Courtesy of Harpoon Brewery

Crafting the Future of Draft

Today’s craft beer drinkers have some characteristics that should definitely interest you. They are increasing in number; they are young (more than half are in the 21–44-year-old bracket); more than three-quarters of them earn more than $50,000 a year; and almost half have a college degree.


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Lamb Season

Grilled Lamb Sirloin with Jalapeno-Mint JellyColorado Leg of Lamb with Creamy Goat Cheese Polenta, Bacon-Wrapped Radicchio, and Lamb JusTradition tells us to eat lamb in the spring. From holiday roasts to splurge-worthy racks and minted jellies made with the earliest greens of the season, the popular game meat can herald the mark of warmer months to come.


Courtesy of Hard Rock International

Al Fresco Dining’s Allure

Dining at its finest is found in dramatic outdoor settings that simply cannot be replicated within the confines of a walled and roofed structure. Even the most opulent interior design fails to achieve the splendor of a desert sunset, and no amount of indoor originality can compare to the liberating rooftop view of a cityscape or the simple pleasures of dining alongside a gently lapping river.

Trillium Rises Above Risky Business

Opening an upscale restaurant in the midst of a major urban-infill project is a risky proposition. But since he brought Trillium to Denver’s Ballpark district in December of 2011, Chef Ryan Leinonen’s Scandinavian-American fusion concept has hit a home run with professional critics, local foodies, residents, and visitors.