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May 2012

Steps to Help Your Restaurant Reduce Waste and Recycle

By now, you may have heard how recycling can boost a restaurant’s reputation and impact revenue. According to the National Restaurant Association and Georgia-Pacific, nearly 65% of restaurateurs embrace recycling.

Better Business Decisions Come From Better Information

Understanding the power of data is critical for growth. Decisions based on instinct can have merit, but they are not always as reliable and valuable as decisions based on trusted data and information. Customer trend reports, benchmarking data and comment management programs enable restaurateurs to obtain diner feedback, while comprehensive reporting and in-depth analytics provide restaurateurs with insight into their market potential.

The Vine Through The Line

Imagine this: You walk into a restaurant and order a wine by the glass–on tap!Throw the traditional wine bottle format of yesteryear out the window! Dispel any preconceived notions you may have of normalcy, because a new wine-by-the-glass format is here, and it’s sweeping the nation.

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Nevin Martell

Market to Table

What’s InsideA growing interest from consumers about sourcingFreshly plucked mushrooms are a favoriteKnowing the face of your farmerTips for Farmers Market First-TimersMost chefs have to drive – or at least walk – to get to a farmers market.

Restaurant Revivals

What’s InsideRecognize change is neededAssess relevance with consumers and the competitionHave a vision, create a planGenerate involvement throughout the organizationExecute and deliver resultsBe patientIn September 2010, Steve Carley walked into a corporate storm — the swirling funnel-cloud-type of storm that ultimately brings a company to its knees.

A Very Public Affair

The National Restaurant Association’s 26th annual Public Affairs Conference had all the elements of an award-winning movie: drama, tears, and large doses of inspiration.The main event featured more than 500 restaurateurs from 45 states descending on Capitol Hill in a full-throttle effort to bring the industry’s message to our nation’s legislators.

Fruity Cocktails

What’s InsideGiving guests popFresh food and drinksFruity eye appealInfusion DrinksA special twist on fruity drinksSeasonal foods will be splashed across menus in abundance for the next six months, but what about beverages?Restaurants are now putting them in their drinks, bringing fresh, exciting flavors, unusual combinations, and even a little nutrition to their guests.