November 2011

Wines for Holiday Parties

Each passing holiday season allows the opportunity to imbibe our favorite seasonal cocktails. Whether it be hot buttered rum at the annual party, eggnog by the wood-burning fireplace or hot spiced cider while opening presents, these drinks become a part of our collective memory.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Full-service restaurants are like courtrooms, a microcosm of society.Once while on a business trip and dining alone at Shaw’s Crab House in Chicago, I really paid attention to what was happening around me.

Parties Are Big Business

In 1989, Marc Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Café in Boston, jumped into catering as a competitive play against major chains. He developed a catering menu, gathered a sales team, added delivery staff, and invested in a separate kitchen.

Rodelle Project: Anything but Vanilla

It started out as a quest for the best quality vanilla and will result in new stoves for thousands of Ugandans, which will lead to better health, less impact on the environment and reduced deforestation.

Festive Cocktails

“I’ll have what she’s having” is a phrase that will always be linked with the 1989 movie “When Harry Met Sally.” But if a restaurant can induce a similar request—to have what she’s having—it’s doing something right.

Party On!

As the winter holidays approach, restaurant operators and chefs are trying to be extra-inspired in their culinary creations and planning. It’s all part of an effort to draw more companies, organizations and cadres of friends to celebrate the season with them.

Hot Appetizers

At a time when consumers are ever cautious about their restaurant spending, full-service operators have found their best chance to get customers to try a new dish is by menuing it as an appetizer. In many cases the appetizers are shared, which gives chefs even more opportunity to flex their creativity muscles and put out new and innovative offerings.

Eliminate the Negatives

What do you do when opening a restaurant in a space where two restaurants failed before you?Look at everything the other two restaurants did wrong and ensure you don’t do it.At least that’s what Brian Piccini did before he opened Deuxave with a partner (Christopher Coombes, his executive chef) in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston in September 2010.