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November 2016

Organic Trailblazer Nora Pouillon Reflects on Her Legacy

Part of what excites Nora Pouillon about the future is the uncertainty. She has helmed her eponymous Washington, D.C., restaurant for so long that one employee, who swam across the Rio Grande when he was 17, is now approaching middle age.

Maybe It Takes a Restaurant, Not a Village

When Monetta White and her husband, Chef David Lawrence, opened their modern Southern restaurant 1300 on Fillmore in San Francisco in 2007, their initial plan quickly expanded to something greater. The couple embraced the idea of giving back to the youth of the community, an ethos that extends to their latest venture, Black Bark BBQ, a restaurant located a few doors down in the same Western Addition neighborhood.

A Comprehensive Strategy to Manage Your Restaurant's Reputation

A study by Berkeley economists showed that a half-star improvement on a restaurant’s rating makes it 30-49 percent more likely that a restaurant will sell out its evening seats. In today’s digital age, a restaurant's online reputation can mean the difference between success and not surviving.

Restaurants Can Bank on Thanksgiving Sales

Not all consumers will be roasting a turkey at home this Thanksgiving, and restaurants can capitalize on those who desire to dine out or pick up takeaway meals or items.According to the National Restaurant Association, 10 percent of consumers plan to dine out for a Thanksgiving meal, and 5 percent will get a full takeout meal.

Snapchat Brings Guests Into the Restaurant

As restaurants ramp up their social media programs, operators typically consider the most popular platforms—Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest—to connect with consumers. But Billy Dec, founder and chief executive at Chicago-based Rockit Ranch Productions, has added another social media arrow to his overall marketing quiver: Snapchat.

Wine and Brunch are the Perfect Pairing

At its core, brunch is a casual weekend meal, which is why sommeliers and beverage directors strive to remove any perceived fussiness from the wines poured alongside egg dishes, burgers, and raw-bar items.

5 Ways to Prep Your Restaurant for the Thanksgiving Rush

If history is any indication, this Thanksgiving could be a banner year for restaurants around the country. According to the National Restaurant Association, as many as 80 million Americans are expected to dine out or take out meals on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a number that has steadily increased over the last few years.

Sticking With Shoney's

Forty-six years ago, Rory Smith was facing down an interrogation. The information at stake? “They said you have to be 16 and I said, ‘Well I am 16,’” Smith recalls.Nearly half a century later, that might have been the most important lie of Smith’s life.

Craft Coffee Hits its Stride

As a coffee aficionada, Kelly Fields—executive pastry chef and partner at the year-old Willa Jean in New Orleans, a restaurant also operated by celebrity chef John Besh—knew regular drip coffee just wouldn’t do.

4 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and every table at the restaurant was full—which was strange considering the restaurant didn’t open until 5 p.m. “And when our guests ask why we don’t open until 5 p.

4 Easy Ways to Be a Better Manager

We’ve all heard the refrain: “Employees leave bad bosses, not bad companies.”There’s a reason that the adage has become so ubiquitous—research has demonstrated time and again that it’s true.

A Chef's Tips to Surviving Thanksgiving at Your Restaurant

Imagine if a Food Network “Chopped” champion walked into your kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. While that would be, obviously, a startling turn of events, there is an option that’s becoming increasingly common: you can easily walk into his.