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October 2011

Leave it to the Professionals

Restaurant operators should beware of leaving their units in the hands of poorly trained novices who have little regard for the bottom line.Recently a friend and I wanted to try a new place in the neighborhood that served salads, bagels, sandwiches and light fare.

Top Wines for Fall

It is that time of year again. The leaves are turning yellow, football season has commenced, and the Pumpkin Spice latte is back on the Starbucks menu. As your menu changes to reflect fall flavors, your wine list should, too.

Illuminate Your Dining Experience

“In architectural lighting design, the luminous environment evolves out of the character and the intent of the space … and the needs, desires and expectations of the people for whom the space is created” —Carol Chaffee AssociatesLighting is an important tool for the restaurant architect and designer.

Your Guide to Groupon

To Groupon or not Groupon, that is the question many restaurateurs are asking themselves these days. Since the online coupon company offered its first daily deal in November 2008, it has become a bona fide phenomenon.

Burgers Meet Sushi

Toss together sushi and burgers, season, and pour into a greased pan.What do you get? A crazy idea; a silly concept; a highly successful restaurant? All of these in fact and the result is The Cowfish, a sushi and burger bar in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Small Plates Are Big Business

Tapas are a little bit like Kleenex, which began as a category-defining brand but is now often used generically. While tapas are Spanish, the food term has become synonymous with virtually all small plates regardless of culinary origin.