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October 2014

Four Ways to Capitalize on Beer

Brixx has been serving craft beer since it opened its first location in 1998 in a tiny space in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now with 25 locations, we work hard on using fun and a little education to encourage our guests to try beers that delight them and showcase our food.

Putting the Fizz Back Into Soft Drinks

The polar bears in Coke’s iconic ads are skating on thinner ice these days.While talk of softening soda sales pops up every couple years, the reality is becoming tough to avoid: sales of regular and diet soda in the restaurant industry fell by 1.

Grocery Stores Ring Up Full Serves

From Italian dining at Wegmans in the Northeast to family-style meals at Buehler’s Fresh Foods in Ohio, supermarket chains are investing in full-service restaurants to garner a bigger share of consumers’ food budgets.

Banking on Beverage

Red Robin has always had a bar. In fact, the brand started as a tavern near the University of Washington’s campus in the 1940s. But at some point in the 80s or 90s, amid nationwide expansion, the prominence of alcohol was lost in favor of building a more family-friendly environment.

Small Holidays, Big Drinks

Smith restaurant in Seattle knows the fun of a good off-holiday. The neighborhood restaurant celebrated its fifth annual Canada Day on July 1 with poutine, fireworks decorations, and the aptly dubbed Winnipeg, a $6 cocktail made with house-infused cinnamon whiskey, Amaro Averna, and black pepper tincture.

From Social Media to Social Service

Social graces have been redefined across generations, but there is no denying that some essential attributes of fine service have been lost along the way, and the rise of social media has had some detrimental effects on students’ concepts of etiquette and service.

Mastering the Art of Food Photography

The definition of a selfie may tweak a bit for chefs: Maybe the ultimate self-portrait is not the chef’s face, but his food. Certainly food photos are running rampant from diner phones to Facebook, and restaurants are quickly seeing that food photos attract business.

Celebrated Cocktails and the Restaurants that Created Them

By the time San Francisco’s legendary Buena Vista Cafe opens its doors at 8 a.m. on weekend mornings, the line extends down the block, visitors chattering side by side as they await entry into the 123-year-old establishment for their taste of the cafe’s world-renowned Irish Coffee.

Price Check

coffee crop disease, a deadly pig virus, and large-scale droughts are not the headlines restaurants hoped for this year.Fluctuating prices on cocoa, coffee beans, milk, oranges, and citrus have many rethinking their commodity strategies when it comes to beverage, and restaurants with bars have the added problem of rising wheat and barley prices for beer and even limes for margaritas.

How to Menu a Beverage Trend

Industry reports can be a double-edged sword: they foretell trends, but can also mislead operators into thinking there are tastes and ingredients they must have on menus. As information floods in, it takes expertise for operators to understand which trends are worthy of consideration and knowhow to properly menu them.

Taking Up the Family Business

For many people in and around Bettendorf, Iowa, enjoying a traditional family meal doesn’t mean gathering around the table in their own homes. It means going to Ross’ Restaurant, a local landmark that has been owned and operated by the same family for 74 years.

How to Manage Food Costs

In May, the cost to customers dining in a full-service restaurant was 2.2 percent higher than a year earlier, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau reported particularly steep increases in the costs of meats, fish, eggs, and produce; beef and veal prices in May, in particular, were 10.

Small Pours Leave Little to Whine About

I’ll admit I’ve judged a restaurant by its wine program. I’m not talking about how many countries are represented or the number of varietals, but the depth in by-the-glass selections.

Tanqueray Gin

While many modern gins downplay the juniper that defines the category, Tanqueray doesn’t shy away from it—but neither does it hit you over the head with pine tree flavor.

Rémy VSOP Cognac

Cognac is a tough category. Lower-priced VS bottlings are usually too young, thin, and unworthy of pouring, while VSOPs are an expensive choice. Rémy VSOP is good for the money.