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September 2011

Standing The Test Of Time

How does a great designer ensure that a restaurant's design is not so trendy that it has to be redone prematurely? How do you make sure that the design will stand the test of time? What kind of thinking goes into the design to make sure it is unique and special but will last a fair amount of time before it is outdated?Standing the test of time is such a difficult goal for a restaurant.

Preserving The Peace

The nation’s very public “Great Recession” has turned my very private pet peeve into a full-blown obsession.For years I have been mildly annoyed when restaurants put out only grape jelly with toast or other breads.

Reimagine Croatian Wines

With a rich history of winemaking that goes back to the fourth century B.C. and a blank canvas on which to rediscover itself since gaining independence 20 years ago, Croatia seems poised for success as a quality wine-producing region.

Foodservice Associations Making Their Mark

The foodservice industry is served by a plethora of associations, which cover virtually every aspect of the business. In recent years, many of these groups have been challenged by the sputtering economy, but so far have weathered the storm.

Energy Drinks Can Fire Up Alcohol Sales

Rarely has a group of drinks provoked as much controversy as energy drink cocktails have these days.These combinations of sweet ingredients that include stimulants such as taurine, glucuronalactone, caffeine, guarana, and L-carnitine, are regularly mixed with alcohol, a known depressant, which can produce frightening results.