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September 2012

A Big Year for Small Portions

Outside of government-sponsored wartime rationing, the battle against large portions has never been so intense. Menu labeling laws like those in Washington’s King County have promoted a soft approach, by not actually forcing restaurants to change how many calories they’re serving, but at least requiring them to disclose the totals to guests ahead of time.

Helping Ethiopia Help Itself

Noel and Tammy Cunningham have been helping out the less fortunate in Ethiopia for nine years, ever since they launched The Cunningham Foundation in 2003.Since then the couple, whose restaurants include Strings in Denver, Colorado, and Union 24 in Lakewood, Colorado, have raised almost $750,000 for impoverished Ethiopians.

RMGT Is Migrating To Print As FSR

In November, is going to take its next step: moving into print. The magazine will be called FSR, and its tagline, Ideas and Insights for Full-Service Restaurants, offers the best blueprint of the magazine’s content.