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September 2015

Coffee and Tea on Tap

Kombucha tea and iced coffees are just some of the new beverages flowing from the bar.From cocktails to wine to coffee, operators are dedicating draft lines to drinks beyond the traditional brew. Beverages on tap remain fresher for longer and offer a unique experience—bold flavors with an eye-catching presentation.


Paws Up Resort

At Home on the Range

Ben Jones waited nearly 10 years for his dream job to come around. Now, as executive chef of The Resort at Paws Up in Montana, he’s gone from cosmopolitan city chef to cooking chuck wagon dinners and managing the exclusive fine-dining outlet Pomp.


Todd Porter and Diane Cu

Vegetarian Pairings

Inside the sleek Bacchus in downtown Milwaukee, across the street from the soaring wings of the Santiago Calatrava–designed Milwaukee Art Museum and Lake Michigan’s glittering shoreline, vegetables are never shunned into second place.

Prep Work for a Purpose

In 2008, two very special events occurred in Larry Houser’s life. On March 15, he opened his first restaurant, an upscale Southern-style eatery Bourbon Street Bar & Grill in Fullerton, California.


Heirloom at Yale University

Upscale Dining Goes to School

In 2010, the University of Southern California readied for a foodservice facelift.The Los Angeles–based institution, best known for churning out Hollywood stars and football pros, joined with its USC Hospitality arm to unveil more than a dozen new restaurants on campus.

A Garden of Opportunity

On a whim, Adam Brick, chef de cuisine at Apis Restaurant & Apiary, stopped by his childhood alma mater, the Austin Montessori School. Always on the lookout for fresh ingredients to serve at Apis, which is located in Spicewood, Texas, Chef Brick was inspired to stop as he drove into Austin because he spied the school’s lush garden.

White Lightning Strikes

Moonshine has deep roots in American history. Looking to avoid the federal tax placed on liquors after the American Revolution, many began producing the high-proof spirit illegally in backwoods Appalachia.

Alternatives Steal the Plate

Meatless Mondays began as a home-front initiative to conserve food during both world wars. However, in 2003 the program was reborn as a public health awareness campaign encouraging Americans to cut back on meat since a number of diseases and health issues had been linked to its consumption.


smokey bones bar & fire grill

LTOs With Lasting Power

Ironically, one of the constants on most restaurant menus are limited-time offers (LTOs), which present loyal customers with fresh dishes and beverages and give restaurants an opportunity to test new items.

Overcoming Addictions

A D.C. chef and his wife are tackling addiction in the restaurant industry.In most businesses, having a drink after work may happen at an occasional happy hour, but for the most part revelry that includes alcohol is reserved for special occasions.

Salt Goes Gourmet

First it was bread. Then it was charcuterie and craft beer. Now, chefs want artisan salt.But not just any salt. They want sustainably made, unique finishing salts that add taste, texture, and interest to their dishes.

The Heat is On

When Miami Beach was incorporated first as a town and then two years later as a city, wealthy entrepreneurs such as John S. Collins, Carl Graham Fisher, the Lummus brothers, and the Pancoast family had high hopes for the tropical paradise.