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September 2016

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen Finds its Footing, Sets Sights on Expansion

When Craig Bernstein was 10 years old, his family drew straws to determine which of the three siblings would get to go to the New York Knicks game, since his family had won only two tickets. Bernstein had the lucky draw, and he and his dad enjoyed the game from the last row in Madison Square Garden.

Chef Trips Take Foodies on a Culinary Adventure

U.S. consumers have acquired global palates, so it makes sense for chefs to extend their own brands by leading culinary trips abroad. That’s what Mark McDonald, chef-owner of Old Vine Café in Costa Mesa, California, believes.

Craft Beer's Identity Crisis

These are indeed noisy times for craft beer. Just log on to Twitter or any other major social media platform the day a small brewery announces that a major macro producer is acquiring it. One-hundred-forty-character-and-under shouts proclaim “Sellout!” “I’m never drinking their beer again!” “Craft is dead!” Opinions like these tend to dominate the feeds on those days, usually drowning out the softer declarations like, “It’s the same beer it was yesterday and I’ll still drink it,” and “Beer is beer.

Turning the Tables: How to Capitalize on Restaurant Aggregators

The argument is over, right? Restaurant aggregators like Grubhub/Seamless and Eat24 are here to stay. Now we can focus on how to use these tools as revenue generating engines for your restaurant. It is common knowledge that the percentage of profit withheld by restaurant aggregators can make it difficult to find an upside, but the positive is there.

How Larkin's Restaurants Started a Culinary Empire

Mark and Larkin Hammond were apart 252 days during their first year of marriage. Mark was ingrained in the corporate machine with Pepsi-Co’s restaurant division (now Yum Brands), and a frequent flier with a flourishing collection of hotel room keys.

Is There Life After a Liquor License?

Two years ago, Chef Andrew Kochan reached a crossroads.Along with his Marigold Kitchen colleague, Chef Tim Lanza, Kochan had the opportunity to purchase the 70-year-old Philadelphia establishment. In itself, that was a simple decision.

What Exactly is a Superfood?

There’s a lot of chatter about superfoods, but not a lot of clarity on the subject. Superfood, as defined by Datassential, is a non-medical, non-scientific term commonly used to describe nutrient-rich foods—such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dark leafy greens, salmon, nuts, seeds, and more—that are thought to provide functional health benefits.

French Hospitality Comes Home

In the small village of Coventryville, Pennsylvania, sits a classic colonial stone house built some 300 years ago. From the outside, passersby may assume nothing more than a humble abode in a quaint historic district.

The Benefits of Brewing Your Own Beer

Before Jed Sanford painted the walls black and handed out spray cans to designers, the space that is now Abigaile was a steakhouse named Union Cattle Co. Locals knew the restaurant for its mechanical bull, proximity to the ocean, and impressive wine list.

Is the Grain Left Over from Brewing Really Spent?

It started out as a simple curiosity. After picking up a brewing kit, I thought to myself, “Heck, I might as well try to brew a batch of beer.” Soon after, the culinary side of my brain was piqued.

Inside Stone Brewing's Hotel Dedicated to Craft Beer

With more than 100 craft breweries and brewpubs, San Diego is a destination for beer lovers. And soon they’ll have a unique place to rest their heads. Untitled Hospitality and Stone Brewing, the 10th largest brewery in the U.