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Orient Express Hotels Sign up for Micros Sales & Catering

MICROS Systems, Inc., a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, is pleased to announce that Orient-Express Hotels Ltd., owners or part-owners and managers of 46 luxury hotel, restaurant, tourist train, and river cruise properties operating in 23 countries, has recently expanded its MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution with the addition of the MICROS OPERA Sales and Catering solution (S&C).

Using Tools To Improve Business

For years, restaurants have used customer surveys, mystery shopping, printed comment cards, inbound emails, and the like to gauge how well they are meeting their customers’ expectations.Using these traditional tools to see how customers have felt about the experience can provide some historical insight.

Groupon Rewards Launches for Businesses Nationwide

Groupon announced the nationwide launch of Groupon Rewards, an easy-to-use loyalty program for merchants that enables them to offer customers special Rewards for repeat business. After a successful pilot program in Philadelphia, Groupon Rewards is now open to U.

Marketing Customization Vital to Growth, Study Finds

Restaurants use online and email marketing to provide consumers the personalized offers they prefer, according to new research by the National Restaurant Association released today. The research found that electronic marketing channels complement traditional and offline channels as part of a successful marketing mix.

Edo Platform Sends Mobile Offers Based on Purchases

edo, the leader in personalized card-linked offers, today announced the availability of Geocommerce Offers, a first-of-its-kind card-linked offers capability that uses purchase location data to deliver highly-targeted, real-time offers tailored to consumer shopping activity and location.

Harbortouch Promotes POS Innovations at NRA Show

Industry leadingpoint-of-sale (POS) system provider Harbortouch announced it would present several of its innovative solutions from May 5 to 8 at the NRA Show 2012, the annual conference of the National Restaurant Association.

App Locates Copper River Salmon

In Alaska, the passing of winter into spring ismeasured by fishing nets being mended and boats readied for the much-celebrated opening ofthe Copper River wild salmon season. This annual event has been inspiring fishermen, chefs, and salmon lovers for generations, and this year these delicious fish will be easier than ever tofind with the new Copper River Salmon Locator App.

App Lets Diners Directly Message Servers

Mosurv announced the launch of its self-titled mobile app for the restaurant and lodging industry. Mosurv allows customers of any eatery that subscribes to Mosurv to always be connected with their server via smart phone.

Mom, What’s For Dinner?

A plethora of marketing options are available to restaurants but the problem with most of them is that they’re expensive.But there is a marketing vehicle that some restaurants don’t consider, which can be a very effective channel of marketing: mommy bloggers.

From the Floor: High Tech on the Front Lines

No one in the technology world would ever confuse the annual National Restaurant Association Show with something like the Consumer Electronics Show, but high tech has become an increasingly bigger part of the dining industry expo.

Foodservice Radio Launches at NRA Show

Foodservice Radio, the new streaming 24-hour radio station dedicated to the foodservice industry, is live and is officially launching at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, May 5-8, 2012.

GrubHub Launches In-Restaurant Tablet Technology

GrubHub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering service, today announced the release of its new OrderHub tablet technology for restaurants.Since its founding, GrubHub has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in orders for restaurants by utilizing restaurant’s traditional in-house technology to transmit and confirm orders: the fax and phone.

RAIL Pay-at-the-Table Device Launches

Viableware, innovators of the RAIL payment platform for restaurants, today launched a series of pilot RAIL deployments at select establishments including Anthony’s Restaurants, Dickie Brennan & Co.

Waypoint Seafood & Grill Implements MICROS myreservations

Micros Systems, Inc., a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, is pleased to announce that Waypoint Seafood & Grill, a popular restaurant located in Williamsburg, VA, has successfully implemented the new Micros myreservations Internet booking engine to allow customers to secure online restaurant reservations directly via the Waypoint Seafood & Grill website.

VenueSeen Collates Social Media Photos

A picture says a thousand words—and these days it can also be a $1,000 marketing opportunity.It used to be that a restaurant reviewer told the general public about your restaurant, but increasingly, that information is coming from a consumer’s trusted group of friends and acquaintances who are writing about—and even more frequently, photographing—your food, your décor, and themselves enjoying it all.