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Craftworks Restaurants Gets More Secure

Ctuit Software, the leader in business intelligence software for restaurants, announced that Craftworks Restaurants & Breweries (Craftworks), owners of restaurants that range from traditional casual dining concepts to fine dining white tablecloth establishments, deployed Ctuit Radar in all of its 137 locations.

T.G.I. Friday’s Debuts Personalized eGift Cards

T.G.I. Friday’s brings its “In Here, It’s Always Friday” experience online by offering eGift Cards on its website. The eGift Cards can be redeemed at any domestic T.G.I. Friday’s location.

Your Guide to Groupon

To Groupon or not Groupon, that is the question many restaurateurs are asking themselves these days. Since the online coupon company offered its first daily deal in November 2008, it has become a bona fide phenomenon.

Foodler Debuts Diner's Best Friend: Virtual Waiter

Foodler is ready to be the Alfred to a diner’s Bruce Wayne.Think of butler Alfred being able to decisively tell Bruce Wayne which foods to order at a new restaurant. Batman’s appetite would be pretty satiated, right?Christian Dumontet and John Jannotti, co-founders of food ordering website Foodler, initially set out to create a virtual waiter.

Music For the (Diners') Senses

It can affect you when you’re buying clothes, driving your car or eating in a restaurant.We’re talking music.And the music you play in your restaurant can have a huge impact on your diners—how they feel, what they order and how much they pay and tip.

Addressing Bad Restaurant Reviews Online

A bad review is going to happen to every restaurant, no matter how hard you try.Of course, the good reviews are the ones to aim for, but it’s the negative feedback restaurants need to pay particular attention to, says Luther Lowe, manager of local business outreach for Yelp!, the online service review site.

Wine Lists Go Digital

Restaurants across the nation have started making the switch from paper wine lists to digital tablets or iPads. Despite upfront costs, the pioneers have seen beverage sales increased up to 20 percent. The market has since become saturated with companies providing affordable solutions.

Photograph Wine Label, Download Info with App

A new, free mobile application will change the way wine lovers find, buy, and enjoy wine this summer. The Natalie MacLean Wine Picks & Pairings app lets you use your smartphone camera to snap a picture of any bottle label bar code in the liquor store. With one click, you get tasting notes, scores, and food pairings.

Hotel Foodservice Industry Reinvents Itself

Few industries were hit as hard by the recession as the hotel foodservice market, which saw revenues bottom out in 2009 as consumers and businesses cut back on travel and travel-related expenditures such as foodservice and entertainment.

Bertucci's Launches Online Ordering

Northborough, Massachusetts-based Bertucci’s Corporation has announced the launch of online ordering, providing customers instant access to Bertucci’s entire Brick Oven menu from their PCs or iPhones.

LoSo App is a Restaurant’s Social Network

Foursquare, beware—there is a new game in town, and with a sole focus on restaurants and bars, people may stop alerting the media when they get to a location as banal as the convenience store.LoSo is a location-based social media app that competes with Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places in allowing people to brag about their real time location.

App Provides Intel on International Dishes

Guay tiaw khua kai: A visit to Thailand has unearthed this dish on a menu. Is it tastebud-tingling spicy? Does it include parts of an animal one has never considered eating before? Is it an appetizer, main course, or dessert, or for that matter, is it animal, vegetable, or mineral? The new MyCityCuisine app now available through iTunes answers these questions and more.

Cracker Barrel Wants You to Take a Look Around

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store provides a friendly home-away-from-home feel in its old country store and restaurant, and now the family-dining concept is serving up a virtual tour of its old country store, which is filled with nostalgic gifts and self indulgences, and of the restaurant, in which more than two million guests a year enjoy good country cookin’.

Produce Distributor Steps Up Its Green Game

Wind power is an obvious sustainability feature at Testa Produce, Inc.’s new distribution center, thanks to its 238-foot freestanding wind turbine. However, the Chicago produce distributor is also making innovative approaches to water management that are critical to the building’s energy- and resource-efficient operation.