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5 Marketing Tips from Pizza Joints

There are more than 270 million cell-phone users in the U.S., and most of them admit to never leaving home without their phone. With that many people walking around with their mobile phone, it is time to get smart about mobile marketing efforts and engaging customers through an outlet they always take to go.

Customer Carousel

Work smarter, not harder; successful operators have paid attention to this adage recently more than ever. With rising food and labor costs and a competitive consumer market with less discretionary income, operators have had to get creative to fully maximize profits during the recession.

What You Need to Know About PCI Compliance

For Scott Rubin, vice president of Chicago-based Double P Corporation, which owns 53 Auntie Anne’s locations, credit and debit card processing remains a nagging presence in day-to-day business. “I get calls every week from processors,” he says.

New Security Standards in 2011

Revised payment-processing guidelines will go into effect Jan. 1, 2011, for restaurateurs accepting credit or debit cards.Restaurants and other businesses that capture and store credit and debit card data on their computers will be required to meet updated security standards beginning next year. Announces Growth

Livebookings has announced that it is the biggest restaurant reservations Web site in Europe, where it is 40 percent bigger than OpenTable. In fact, it says, OpenTable is struggling to achieve growth in Europe.

Lamb Weston Taps Into Social Media

Lamb Weston is using social media to promote Tavern Traditions-brand Beer Battered Onion Rings, Fries, and Mozzarella Sticks to attract customers.Through its partnerships with Meal Ticket Social and Mobile App for Smartphones and Call-em-all Text Messaging Club program, Lamb Weston is making it easy for operators to harness the power of social media to promote Tavern Traditions and other menu items to consumers and to drive traffic. Expands Across U.S. is expanding across the U.S. and will be in Hawaii by the beginning of May.This website allows customers to order delivery from participating restaurants, online.Foodler features restaurants that already have a delivery service, as well as others that don’t; the latter can contract it out to a third party via the site.

With Opening Day Approaching, Nationals Choose POS

MICROS Systems Inc., a provider of information technology solutionsfor the hospitality and retail industries, announced that the Washington Nationals Baseball Club LLC selected the MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System (HMS) with Perpetual Inventory & Event Management to manage its food and beverage operations at Nationals Park in Washington, D.

Tech Provider Recognized for Healthy Workplace

HM Electronics Inc. (HME), a technology provider for the restaurant industry, recently earned a “Gold Level Award” from the American Heart Association saluting the importance the company places on providing a healthy workplace, and for its efforts in encouraging regular physical activity and good nutrition among its employees.

It's Back to School with NRA Education Sessions

The 2011 National Restaurant Association’s Hotel-Motel Show, which takes places from May 21-24 in Chicago, will feature more than 70 education sessions that will tackle issues like social media and commerce, increasing sustainability efforts, technology innovations, and how philanthropy can boost business, among other topics.

What Do Casual Dining Employees Really Think?

These days it’s easy for restaurants to get a feel for what diners think of them. They only need to check out a couple of Web sites to read both positive and negative reviews by average Joes.But what about their employees—what do they think? A happy employee can make a big difference to a business, helping boost the bottom line through his or her positivity and dedication.

Have Technology, Customers Will Come

Technology is integral to consumers’ dining experiences, according to a study commissioned by ParTech, in New Hartford, New York.“The results of the restaurant consumer survey highlight just how early technology now becomes involved in the dining consumer’s thought process and how pervasive technology is in delivering an interactive restaurant experience,” says Scott Langdoc, chief technology officer, ParTech.

Now POS Systems Can Check Into Foursquare For You

With loyalty programs and check-in technology gaining popularity with the help of smartphones, one loyalty provider has developed a tool that integrates social media check-ins directly with point-of-sale (POS) systems.