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5 Ways to Separate Amazing Restaurant Technology from the Duds

Restaurants don’t want to spend time and money to update their technology. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as saying they are downright averse to it. Restaurants want to make great food, create amazing experiences for their guests, and make money.

HotSchedules Names New CEO, Announces Record Usage Numbers

HotSchedules, a leading provider of technology solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced Mike Arenth as Chief Executive Officer. Arenth started with the company in late 2016 and implemented key leadership changes to better support innovation and growth.

Restaurant Technologies Celebrates Its 25,000th Customer

Restaurant Technologies announced its 25,000th customer, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and Sodexo, two organizations that share the same passion for delivering high-quality foods to their customers and are committed to smarter operations that are sustainable.

Toast Launches New and Improved Digital Experience

Toast Restaurant Operating System, the all-in-one restaurant technology platform, announced a new and improved digital experience Tuesday that will extend the Toast Online Ordering platform. Starting in Q3 2017, Toast will arm restaurant operators with easy-to-use and accurate delivery mapping functionalities.

Ziosk Launches New Next-Generation Tablet for Restaurants

Ziosk, maker of the world's first ordering, entertainment and pay-at-the table tablet, is once again revolutionizing the dining experience with the launch of Ziosk Aurizon, the next-generation tablet for the restaurant industry.

Upserve Grows 100 Percent and Launches New Products

Upserve, a leading full-service Restaurant Management Platform, announced it is now managing over $11 billion in annual transaction volume, making it the largest provider of cloud-based point of sale and analytics for the independent restaurant industry.

LevelUp Closes $50 Million Financing

On Tuesday, LevelUp announced that it has completed a $50 million round to continue to grow its business. Investors who participated in this round include long-time partner and investor JPMorgan Chase, US Boston and CentroCredit Bank.

How Payment Technologies Ease the Pain of Restaurant Bills

Whether it’s at brunch on Sunday or happy hour on Thursday after work, diners aren’t just looking for great food anymore. Instead, they are seeking a great social experience. But that all comes to a screeching halt when the waiter presents the bill, leaving customers to figure out who ate and drank what, how much each item costs, and how to divvy up the tip.

TDn2K and Marketing Vitals Announce Collaborative Partnership

Marketing Vitals, the award-winning restaurant intelligence solution and TDn2K’s Black Box Intelligence, the restaurant industry’s leading financial capital analytics firm, have announced a collaborative partnership to increase the understanding, value and influence of big data, as it pertains to the service industry.

The Future of Mobile is More than Takeout

With restaurants increasingly focused on mobile ordering and delivery, a recent study suggests brands may need to also evaluate offering deals and discounts to bring in more guests.According to savings platform RetailMeNot, which connects consumers with digital offers, 80 percent of consumers in a study on dining habits indicated they are likely to try a new restaurant if offered a promotion and 62 percent of consumers are willing to travel up to 10 miles to eat if a restaurant is offering a deal or a discount.

TripAdvisor Enters the Restaurant Delivery Game with Grubhub

TripAdvisor’s days as a just a travel site are long gone. With the launch of Premium for Restaurants, which helps operators take control of their review pages, and an investment in San Francisco’s EatWith, it’s clear the company is forging ahead in the restaurant category.

Finally, an App that Gives Away Drinks for Selfies

Selfie Nation rejoice. A new mobile application, CHCK-N, or Check-In, was launched with the intention of changing how liquor brands react with guests. Mainly, consumers can now be rewarded for their selfies with free drinks.

How Mobile is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience

Diners are increasingly valuing convenience, whether it’s paying through a mobile device, booking a private event online, or getting an exact estimate on table wait times. For operators, providing convenience isn’t always easy, but companies have sought to provide solutions in nearly all operational aspects—from table management to guest recognition—so full-service restaurants can create better relationships with diners.