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Modest Growth Predicted for Alcohol Sales in 2015

Drink sales in bars and restaurants are projected to grow modestly in 2015, according to Technomic's expectations for the on-premise alcohol industry. Conditions at major chain restaurants that serve alcohol are slowly improving, and greater consumer confidence will lead to a more positive trend than seen in 2014.

Hall Wines Introduces Culinary Program

Hall Wines, a portfolio of luxury wineries and tasting rooms in Napa Valley, California, announced plans to kick off a culinary offering at its St. Helena winery featuring celebrity chef MikeC.The program, A Taste of Hall, will include an interactive and seasonal monthly course designed to engage and inspire both local and visiting foodies alike.

Minimal Aftershocks for Wine Supply

Chef Ken Frank, owner of La Toque in downtown Napa, found a silver lining in the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck California’s Napa Valley on Aug. 24. With the epicenter located just 10 miles from his restaurant, Chef Frank was thankful it hit at 3 a.

Small Pours Leave Little to Whine About

I’ll admit I’ve judged a restaurant by its wine program. I’m not talking about how many countries are represented or the number of varietals, but the depth in by-the-glass selections.

Hilton College Highlights Beverage Management With Wine Lab

In a country where chefs are the rock stars of restaurants, wine is making huge strides in terms of sales.Recent articles indicate that the U.S. ranks highest in wine consumption, edging out those more traditionally associated with the grape, such as Italy and France.

Hot Beverages on the Market

Beer & Wine | Spirits & Craft Soda | Coffee + Tea & Juice +WaterSnapshot WheatBeerNew Belgium Brewing/ 2014 / 5% ABVThe wheat was added to New Belgium’s full-time lineup this year, and it’s a winner.

Wine’s Passionate Memoir

Winemaking in France’s Bordeaux and Loire Valley is a serious tradition. It’s rare to find a winery owner or winemaker who is not toiling away on family property. In many cases the château dates back a century or more.

The Pursuit of Hoppyness

Inspired by their travels in Europe, brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin opened Portland, Oregon’s Barley Mill Pub in 1983. In the era of Coors and Budweiser on tap, the brothers dreamed of offering more variety, including house-brewed options.

Fleming's Offers Choice of 100 Wines by the Glass

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar announced today the release of its new Fleming's 100, a selection of 100 wines by the glass, exclusively offered at its 66 locations. Each year, Maeve Pesquera, Fleming's national director of wine, curates the new wine list and collaborates with wineries and winemakers to offer one-of-a-kind wines to Fleming's Guests.

App Thinks Like a Sommelier and Shapes Wine Lists

Roger Theunissen recalls going out to business dinners with colleagues, bankers, and the like, and never knowing which wine to order."It was a frustration," says Theunissen, a software developer and CEO and founder of WineStein, an artificially intelligent sommelier app.

Wealthy Americans Rank Premium Wines

More than two-thirds (70 percent) of wealthy U.S. consumers under the age of 50 drink wine at least once a month, and they're willing to pay premium prices for preferred vintages: an average of $48 per bottle at retail and $64 at a restaurant.

Cheers, Chef

Just as alcohol can liven up any social gathering, its presence can also work wonders on a dish, giving it unexpected new dimensions. Traditionally, alcohol has been used as a component in well-known specialties like French coq au vin, in which the chicken is braised with red wine, or Italian salsa alla vodka, where the spirit potentiates the tomato’s flavor and gives the pasta dish an upgrade.

Carrabba's Celebrates Italian Wine Harvest Season

Just in time for the Italian wine harvest season, Carrabba's Italian Grill is highlighting the rich flavors of a traditional Italian cooking technique: wine-infusion. The new Vino Italiano menu is a collection of innovative dishes cooked with wine to enhance and accent their flavors.

California Sommelier Earns Advanced Certification

At the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, situated 23 miles from the San Francisco International Hotel, sommelier Petra Polakovicova passed the Court of Master Sommeliers' Advanced Sommelier Exam. She is now one of only 325 Advanced Sommeliers in the United States.

Good to the Last Drop

While I was sipping wines at a Bordeaux tasting room in May, a vacuum noise stopped me in my tracks. Old World met New World in one sweeping flourish when an employee thrust a thin, hollow needle into a pricey bottle of Château La Louvière, so the industry’s newest preservation device, Coravin, might extract a single glass of wine without popping the cork, allowing argon gas into the bottle and preserving the coveted wine.