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VintageView Unveils New Evolution Wine Rack System

VintageView, the leaders in modern wine storage and display systems, debuted their new Evolution Series at the 2013 North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers Show from February 7 to February 9 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Sustainable Sonoma

Sonoma County strives for the most sustainable winemaking and winegrowing practices in California.Whether its boutique wineries or larger scale wine producers, the Sonoma community is dedicated to sustainable winegrowing and winemaking practices.

Napa Technology Introduces WineStation 3.0

Napa Technology, creator of the WineStation intelligent wine dispensing and preservation system, has announced its latest model, the WineStation 3.0. Designed and manufactured in California, the redesign includes hardware and software innovations derived from consumer research and operator feedback.

GuestMetrics Releases Data on 2012 On-Premise Wine Trends

According to GuestMetrics, based on its proprietary database of POS transactions of more than $8 billion dollars in transactions and more than 250 million checks from restaurants and bars across the United States over the past two years, there was a dramatic change in consumption of wine in on-premise during 2012, with a large shift in consumption from bottles to glasses.

Wines from Washington

The Washington wine region, which celebrated the dedication of its first American Viticulture Area (AVA), Yakima Valley, in 1983, is still an adolescent compared to regions of Europe. However, despite the challenges of being a newer wine region, Washington producers are proving that quality wines, and a unique expression of terroir, exist in Washington.

Harvest in California: 2012 is a winemaker’s vintage

As the leaves change colors and achieve ultimate levels of ripeness, vineyard workers prepare to pick grapes in the morning fog before the sun rises, and before the freshly pressed grape juice, or must, starts to bubble as the yeasts ferment.

Technomic's Top 10 Adult Beverage Trends for 2013

Technomic, the premier resource for actionable adult beverage information, tapped its analysts, consultants, and experts to highlight the trends shaping the drinks business in 2013.Based on ongoing research into spirits, wine and beer volume and sales, as well as surveys, interviews, and discussions involving brand marketers, on-premise and retail operators, bartenders, and consumers, these insights are supported by Technomic's extensive adult beverage database including its Trends in Adult Beverage reports and other tools, such as MenuMonitor and the consumer-tracking Project CO-PILOT.

Terlato Wines to Bring Umbrian Wines to U.S.

Terlato Wines has formed an exclusive partnership with Italy’s Goretti family to bring their Umbrian wines to the U.S. early next year. Under the agreement, Terlato will handle three offerings from the Goretti brand line, including Grechetto, a white varietal, and Sagrantino di Montefalco, a red varietal, both of which are native to the Umbria region.

Winter Beverages

What’s InsideLimited offerings help profitsNew beers draw customersHot cocktails for cold daysSpices evoke nostalgiaWinter beverages that warm us from the inside out are one of the hottest draws for restaurants.

Boston Wine Expo to be Held February 16 and 17

The Boston Wine Expo, New England’s premiere wine exposition, has transformed from a two-day event into a week-long celebration of wine, food and culture. This year the expo will introduce all-new event features and program highlights, starting with a new date.

Anatomy of a Turkey Dinner

Turkey Piccata RecipeRoasted Boned Turkey with Sausage StuffingMore than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is all about food. For restaurants and chefs, this is the meal when every guest will revel in the presentation as well as the taste of each and every delicacy—beginning with the entrée that rules the roost.