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Winter Beverages

What’s InsideLimited offerings help profitsNew beers draw customersHot cocktails for cold daysSpices evoke nostalgiaWinter beverages that warm us from the inside out are one of the hottest draws for restaurants.

Boston Wine Expo to be Held February 16 and 17

The Boston Wine Expo, New England’s premiere wine exposition, has transformed from a two-day event into a week-long celebration of wine, food and culture. This year the expo will introduce all-new event features and program highlights, starting with a new date.

Anatomy of a Turkey Dinner

Turkey Piccata RecipeRoasted Boned Turkey with Sausage StuffingMore than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is all about food. For restaurants and chefs, this is the meal when every guest will revel in the presentation as well as the taste of each and every delicacy—beginning with the entrée that rules the roost.

The Many Faces of Viognier

As you swirl, the glistening yellow to pale golden hue slowly falls down the edges of the glass, creating legs as seductive as the aromas. The highly perfumed notes slap you across the face as you draw your nose closer to the glass.

2012 a "Very Good Year" for Wine

The wine industry outperformed spirits and beer with a 4.6 percent rate of volume growth in 2011, the largest percent gain achieved in adult beverage, and projects another industry-leading year in 2012.

Legends For The Autumn Season

I hate to break it to you, but it’s that time of year again. The warm summer days are transitioning into brisk autumn nights. On the plus side, comfort food is back in style now that bikini season is over.

Fastest Growing Brands Indicate Wine Trends

Affordable wines with accessible and appealing flavor profiles are driving the wine industry overall, as demonstrated by Technomic’s Top 250 Wine Brands and its roster of the 50 Fastest Growing Wine Brands.

Coffee and Wine Bars Take Off

Espresso beans and grapes are not a prevalent snack combination, but the growing trend toward coffee and wine bars proves they are indeed palatable as beverage complements.As coffee and wine bars spread nationwide, from Bean & Bottle in the lobby of the Sonoma Resort in California to the Great Lakes Coffee Shop in Michigan, venues that sell just one or the other have a chance to expand operations and capitalize on new drinkers, says Jason Haeger, a consultant and trainer for the specialty coffee industry.

Gen-Y Most Influential Adult Beverage Consumers

Millennial consumers of legal drinking age are spending more on alcohol in restaurants and bars than any other generation and simultaneously influencing today’s drink trends, according to a new report from Technomic.

Wine For Those Lazy Dog Days of Summer

The sun is shining, and the freshness of summer is in the air. Restaurant patios are buzzing with guests seeking refreshments while basking in the sun. Keep them coming back for this season’s hot new wine trends.