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MojoPages Announces Top Bars in U.S. Cities

MojoPages has announced the top bars in cities around the United States for the Best Bar category.Each week, the Yellow Pages website concludes a contest for a specific business category, with a total of 52 categories in all.

How to Capitalize on Wine Country

Drinkers searching for exclusive experiences are tempted to dip their toes–or rather, their noses–into a brilliant syrah or chardonnay that can only be found this side of the equator.Ask for the wine list at the Firehouse Restaurant in Sacramento, California, and you’ll be presented with a tome 96 pages long.

Fleming's Offers Sunday Prime Rib Dinner

The holidays are over? Not at Fleming's. For the next few weeks, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar will offer its Sunday Prime Rib Dinner at a very special price.Join Fleming’s with your family and friends on any Sunday starting Jan.

No Siesta in Sight For Wines of Spain

The pendulum continues to swing. The consumer preference toward balanced wines is growing as a result of the urging from the sommelier community. As is widely understood, the full-bodied and flabby (or acid-deficient) styles of wine retired with Robert Parker, a wine critic who stopped reviewing California wine for The Wine Advocate and eRobertParker.

Old Homeland Steakhouse Opens at Caesars Palace

Old Homestead Steakhouse, one of New York City's most historic restaurants, just opened on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesars Palace. The classic eatery known for its quality steak selections and more than 140-year history is located near the Forum Casino adjacent to Mesa Grill.

Vintage Beer, Mobile Bars: 2012 Trends in Drinks

A few weeks ago, Rmgt spoke with Andrew Freeman about food trends that are going to rock and define 2012.Freeman heads a high-end hospitality agency that, for its fifth year, released a preview of the hottest trends and predictions in food and restaurants.

Top 5 Movie Bartenders of All Time

Ultimate '80s character Brian Flanagan played by Tom Cruise has been named the all-time favourite barman claiming 42 percent of votes in a poll conducted by Dirty Martini, which has cocktail bars in London's Covent Garden and newly opened Hanover Square.

Winemakers Hall of Fame Inducts Legends

The Winemakers International Hall of Fame (WIHOF) announced that seven winemakers have been elected to its first class of inductees – the "Class of 2012: Wine Legends of the Late 20th Century.

“Rock Star” Chef Goldman Returns to Kitchen

In the 1970s, young up-and-coming New York City chefs Anthony Bourdain and Sam Goldman saw the future. They knew top chefs were the next celebrities and set about New York as if they already were ones, forming the culinary "rock star" group Kitchen Confidential, later the title of Bourdain's best-selling book.

Driving Digestifs

Long forgotten by American diners yet still heartily embraced in Europe, digestifs are coming into favor again.Though traditionally the final bookend to a meal, they are now being paired with food and served throughout the meal.

James Beard Foundation Invites Chef Landet to Joyeux Noël

Master chef of France and current executive chef of the Cercle Rouge in New York, Pierre Landet, will oversee the James Beard Foundation’s Event, Joyeux Noël.  Chef Landet’s love for the culinary life began with his native Toulousain cuisine.

Father and Son Publish Cocktail Guides

In a curious twist of fate, Jonathan Pogash, cocktail editor of the latest edition of an American classic, Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide (John Wiley and Sons; co-edited by Rick Rodgers), and Jeffrey Pogash, author of Bloody Mary (Thornwillow Press), are releasing their books at precisely the same time in November.

Indian Spacecraft Concept Lands in LA

Naya Sunset & Naya Lounge, two side-by-side exotic destinations on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, take guests on a journey of unexpected sights and tastes with its spacecraft-designed interior and modern-Indian cuisine by Chef Imram Ali Mookhi.

What Makes For A Winning Wine List

Last month, OpenTable announced the Diners' Choice Awards for the top 50 restaurants with the most notable wine lists in the United States. With its high profit margin, wine is something full-service restaurant operators shouldn’t miss, but what can we learn from the restaurants that made the top 50 of the most notable wine lists?Rmgttalks to OpenTable’s Scott Jampol, who oversees the Diners’ Choice awards program, and he offers these highlights from the winning restaurants:They don’t necessarily have the largest selection of wine, but they have very approachable wines—not just big ticket bottles of wine.

Wines for Holiday Parties

Each passing holiday season allows the opportunity to imbibe our favorite seasonal cocktails. Whether it be hot buttered rum at the annual party, eggnog by the wood-burning fireplace or hot spiced cider while opening presents, these drinks become a part of our collective memory.