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Smith & Wollensky Evolves with Wine Week

Smith & Wollensky’s 50th National Wine Week is coming full circle with its semi annual wine-tasting program and the debut of its new Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc on March 5.“When it started 25 years ago, food and wine weren’t really known to pair with each other,” says John Piccolino, corporate chef for Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group.

Roses Are Red, Table For Two

You can almost predict the encroaching night of service months in advance. Every reservation is for two. The new parents have splurged on a babysitter for their first night out in months. The fawning lovebirds are pawing at each other between courses.

Smith & Wollensky Cheers Wine Week

Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group (SWRG) is preparing to pour over 30,000 glasses of more than 200 different wines in celebration of the 50th National Wine Week, March 5-9. To commemorate the anniversary, Smith & Wollensky will debut its proprietary “Private Reserve” Sauvignon Blanc.

From Recycled Wine Bottles to Glassware

Uncorked Glass Company founder and curator Daniel Hart is proud to announce the introduction of his artisan glass company, offering timeless, eco-friendly glassware handcrafted using recycled wine bottles.

Wine World Gathers in Sacramento for Symposium

For one week each January, Sacramento becomes the focal point of the wine and grape world as the 2012 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium opens at the Sacramento Convention Center for a three-day run Jan.

Pinot Noir Summit Loves its Wine

A select group of wine lovers will be wowed by the ultimate Pinot Noir experience. Tickets for the 10th Pinot Noir Summit are on sale now.On Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, Pinot Noir lovers will gather for the remarkable 10th Pinot Noir Summit hosted by Affairs of the Vine at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District.

Denver Airport Adds Wine Bars, Café

Denver International Airport (DIA) brought seven new concessions contracts before Denver City Council’s Business, Workforce, and Sustainability Committee today. The Committee voted unanimously to move the agreements for approval this month to Denver City Council and Mayor Michael B.

Wine Clubs: Should Your Restaurant Have One?

Some high-end restaurants have uncorked a new method of marketing their wine knowledge while padding their bottom lines.Their sommelier or wine director forms a wine club.Subscribers sign up to receive monthly or quarterly shipments of wines that are personally selected by the in-house wine expert.

MojoPages Announces Top Bars in U.S. Cities

MojoPages has announced the top bars in cities around the United States for the Best Bar category.Each week, the Yellow Pages website concludes a contest for a specific business category, with a total of 52 categories in all.

How to Capitalize on Wine Country

Drinkers searching for exclusive experiences are tempted to dip their toes–or rather, their noses–into a brilliant syrah or chardonnay that can only be found this side of the equator.Ask for the wine list at the Firehouse Restaurant in Sacramento, California, and you’ll be presented with a tome 96 pages long.

Fleming's Offers Sunday Prime Rib Dinner

The holidays are over? Not at Fleming's. For the next few weeks, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar will offer its Sunday Prime Rib Dinner at a very special price.Join Fleming’s with your family and friends on any Sunday starting Jan.

No Siesta in Sight For Wines of Spain

The pendulum continues to swing. The consumer preference toward balanced wines is growing as a result of the urging from the sommelier community. As is widely understood, the full-bodied and flabby (or acid-deficient) styles of wine retired with Robert Parker, a wine critic who stopped reviewing California wine for The Wine Advocate and eRobertParker.

Old Homeland Steakhouse Opens at Caesars Palace

Old Homestead Steakhouse, one of New York City's most historic restaurants, just opened on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesars Palace. The classic eatery known for its quality steak selections and more than 140-year history is located near the Forum Casino adjacent to Mesa Grill.

Vintage Beer, Mobile Bars: 2012 Trends in Drinks

A few weeks ago, Rmgt spoke with Andrew Freeman about food trends that are going to rock and define 2012.Freeman heads a high-end hospitality agency that, for its fifth year, released a preview of the hottest trends and predictions in food and restaurants.